Recruiting and Onboarding Process

Recruiting and Onboarding Process

The recruitment process at the CCRI has been created to ensure and maintain the high standards and demands the Institute represents. Our goal is to find the most fitting candidates with the best skills who are motivated to work in an internationally renowned research environment.

Applications can only be transmitted online and need to include at least a CV and a motivational letter (please check the specific job ad for more details). Pre-Selection may be through the submitted application documents or a short Skype or telephone interview. The personal interview usually takes place at the institute, where social and technical qualifications of the candidates are being checked. After successfully participating in the second interview/hearing, the candidate may receive an offer from the institute.

If the CCRI does not offer an open position that matches your profile currently, feel free to send us your initiative application (including an recent CV and a motivational letter)  to our HR-Office at . The CCRI always welcomes talented, hardworking people that are going to contribute to the development and succsses of the institute.

Your onboarding phase will last for about 4-6 weeks. During this time, you will meet many people and learn a lot about the institute. Ask as many questions as possible to get the best insight into how we work and what your contribution could be. Your supervisor and your co-workers will help you settle in.

Tips for your successful application at the CCRI

  • Get informed about the institute
  • Send all the required documents as described in the job advertisement as PDF via E-Mail
  • Adapt your application documentsto the job you are applying for –
    do not use a standardized motivational letter!
  • Use a consistent and professional layout for your documents
  • Highlight important and relevant (scientific) achievements
  • Prepare yourself for your job-interview situation –
    ask yourself why you are interested in the position you are applying for at the CCRI
  • Most importantly -stay true to yourself