Vienna Researches Corona - COVID-19 Rapid Response Funding for the CCRI

Vienna Researches Corona - COVID-19 Rapid Response Funding for the CCRI

The Vienna Science and Technology Fund WWTF funds data collection: WWTF COVID-19 Rapid Response Call

In times of the global corona crisis, science is highly active: It helps to develop diagnostic tests, therapies and vaccinations, to make prognoses about the future course of the pandemic, and how to deal with the societal consequences. In order to be able to react quickly to the challenges of the crisis and to collect research-relevant data in a timely manner, within one week WWTF launched the "COVID-19 Rapid Response Funding", endowed with funds from the private non-profit WWTF and two private sponsors, including the MEGA Bildungsstiftung.

From all submissions, 24 research projects from different scientific disciplines were selected by six reviewers, each of which will be funded with a maximum of € 50,000.

Under the category: " Understand and fight the virus", the research group of Priv. Doz. Dr. René Geyeregger and Dr. Wolfgang Paster together with Dr. Florian Halbritter, CCRI Research Group "Integrative Analysis" and other national and international partners are investigating the cellular immune response to COVID-19 infection:

Innate and adaptive immune responses during incubation and non-severe phases of SARS-CoV-2 infections are potentially decisive for disease progression and severity. Detailed immunophenotying studies of unfolding SARS­ CoV-2 infections are still missing. The strong focus of our laboratory on immune reconstitution, detection of virus­ specific T-cells and immunotherapies enables us to start immediately with i) deep phenotyping of several T- and B-cells subtypes by high-dimensional flow cytometry and single cell transcriptomics ii) detection of CoV-2-specific T-cells (via soon available peptide pools) and iii) identification of immunodominant viral epitopes and SARS-CoV-2-specific T-cell receptor clonotypes. These immune parameters are vital to predict disease outcome and pave the way for new therapeutic interventions.

Project details:
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