Our priority: international standards and high-performance quality

To ensure international standards of research and high-performance quality, the institute submits its activities to regular reviews through a board of independent scientists. Every three years the CCRI is assessed by members of a scientific advisory board (SAB). This panel of independent, internationally acknowledged scientists meets at the CCRI to discuss scientific issues with the institute's researchers. Subsequently, the SAB provides a detailed report about the CCRI`s activities with suggestions about future directions and possible improvements.

Therefore, we extend our gratitude to all members of the scientific advisory board, past and present. The members of our scientific advisory board are the following:

Prof. Stephan Ladisch, MD (Chair) 
Vice Chairman for External Affairs. Principal Investigator. Dept. of Paediatrics; Children's Research Institute; Center for Cancer and Immunology Research (CCIR); Children´s National Medical Center, Washington, USA. Professor and Vice Chair of Paediatrics. Prof. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, George Washington Univ., USA 

Prof. Gregory H. Reaman, MD 
Chair, Children's Oncology Group. COG, Bethesda, USA. Principal Investigator: Center for Cancer and immunology Research (CCIR), Children´s National Medical Center, Washington, USA 

Lee J. Helman, MD 
Scientific Dir. for Clinical Research. Head of the Molecular Oncology Sect. Dept.: Paediatric Oncology Branch, National Cancer Institute (NCI), Bethesda, USA

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Michael Debatin, MD 
Medical Director, University of Ulm, Clinic for Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Germany 

James R. Downing, MD 
Scientific Director, Assoc. Dir. of Basic Research. Cancer Center. Co-Leader. Haematological Malignancies Programme Director. Molecular Pathology Lab. Depts.: Administrat., Pathology, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, USA 

Crystal L. Mackall, MD
Leader, Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Program. Associate Director, Stanford Cancer Institute, Stanford, CA, USA 

Megan Sykes, MD
Columbia University Medical Center
New York, USA