• Viral infections contribute substantially to transplant-related mortality

    Viral infections are among the most frequent and life-threatening complications following hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT), especially in paediatric patients. Therefore our research focus is mainly based on the development of novel T cell-based immunotherapies for the treatment of virus-associated malignancies in patients after HSCT.

    Email: Rene.Geyeregger@ccri.at 

    Staff Scientist of the group: Clinical Cell Biology and FACS Core Unit

Selected Articles

R. Geyeregger, C. Freimüller,  S. Stevanovic, J. Stemberger, Gabor Mester, Jasmin Dmytrus, 1 T. Lion,  H.G. Rammensee, G. Fischer, B. Eiz-Vesper, A. Lawitschka, S. Matthes and G. Fritsch. Short-term in vitro expansion improves monitoring and allows affordable generation of virus-specific T-cells against several viruses for a broad clinical application. PLOS ONE (2013) in press.

S. Tischer, T. Kaireit, C. Figueiredo, O. Hiller, B.Maecker-Kolhoff, R. Geyeregger, S. Immenschuh, R. Blasczyk, B. Eiz-Vesper. Establishment of the reversible peptide-major histocompatibility complex  (pMHC) class I Histamer technology: toll for visualization and selection of functionally active antigen-specific CD8(+) T lymphocytes.  Int Immunol. Sep (2012) 24(9): 561-72

J. Stemberger, V. Witt, D. Printz, R. Geyeregger*, G. Fritsch. Novel single-platform multiparameter FCM analysis of apoptosis: Significant differences between wash and no-wash procedure. Cytometry A (2010) Nov 77(11) 1075-81 *corresponding author

R. Geyeregger*, M. Shehata *, M. Zeyda, F. W. Kiefer, K. M. Stuhlmeier, E. Porpaczy, G. J. Zlabinger, U. Jäger, and T. M. Stulnig. Liver X receptors interfere with cytokine-induced proliferation and cell survival in normal and leukemic lymphocytes.   J Leukoc Biol. (2009) Nov 86 (5): 1039-48. * equally contributed

M. Haidinger*, R. Geyeregger*, M. Poglitsch, T. Weichhart, M. Zeyda, B. Vodenik , T. M. Stulnig, G. A. Böhmig, W. H. Hörl, M. D. Saemann. Anti-thymocyte globulin impairs T-cell/antigen-presenting-cell interaction: disruption of immunological synapse and conjugate formation. Transplantation (2007) Jul 15;84(1):117-21. * equally contributed

 R. Geyeregger, M. Zeyda, W. Bauer, E. Kriehuber, M. D. Saemann, G. J. Zlabinger, D. Maurer, T. M. Stulnig. Liver X receptors regulate dendritic cell phenotype and function through blocked induction of the actin bundling protein fascin. BLOOD (2007) May 15;109(10):4288-95.


  • ADENOTAG: Validation of a novel powerful technology for clinical-scale isolation of  T-cells for adenovirus therapy. Eurostars Grant E!5744 (FFG829492)