• Martin Distel, PhD

    Email: martin.distel(at)ccri.at

    Research Focus

    Our research focus is on the generation of pediatric cancer models in zebrafish to better understand tumor initiation and tumor progression on a cellular and molecular level.

We use zebrafish (danio rerio) to model pediatric cancers (leukemia and solid tumors) and rare cancer predisposition syndromes. Using cutting-edge genetic modeling approaches combined with state of the art in vivo imaging we aim to dissect the molecular mechanisms, which govern tumor onset and tumor progression. Our genetic models are also employed in our lab for drug screening to identify potential therapeutic strategies.

We further use our models to better understand the role of the innate immune system at early tumor initiating stages.

In an alternative modeling approach, we explore the use of patient derived xenograft models in zebrafish (PDXz) to predict disease progression and to evaluate therapeutic compounds.


Open positions

Diploma / Master’s thesis positions available! Please send your application to martin.distel(at)ccri.at.

Selected Articles

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