The CCRI has successfully managed to establish a wide network consisting of national and international partners collaborating with our scientists and clinicians at the St. Anna Children’s hospital on biomedical research projects and clinical studies for various childhood cancers. As a result, our predominantly charity-based organisation can gain access to and share the most recent cost-intensive technologies. 

Regarding clinical studies, the Clinical Trial Unit for Studies & Statistics for Integrated Research & Projects (S2IRP) represents an important link between the CCRI basic research activities and the clinical application at the St. Anna Children’s Hospital. Since the 1970s, the key of success in paediatric oncology has been the implementation of TOS (therapy optimisation studies). These academia-sponsored randomised trials are performed by networks of paediatric oncology centres. Given the rarity of paediatric cancers, patient recruitment by a large number of study sites ensures the generation of reliable results.

CCRI Collaborations Map