Little heroes – great opportunities. Childhood cancer research in Europe.

The impressive and moving 45-minute documentary unveils the battle and successes of highly motivated paediatric oncologists, researchers, private foundations, parents' initiatives, children and adolescents with cancer. Childhood cancer survivors are accompanied in different activities throughout Europe, for example at the CCRI, the St. Anna Children's Hospital and the "Forest Pirates' Camp" in Heidelberg, Germany.

The film production was part of the EC-funded project OVERCOMING CANCER WITH RESEARCH (submitted to the EC with the acronym DIRECT), dedicated to the communication of the current situation of paediatric oncology, research and open discussion of scientific, political and social issues in children cancer research.

TV trailer

English film trailer "Little heroes - great opportunities. Childhood cancer research in Europe."
For watching the film trailer in German, please click here.

DVD documentary

Film poster "Little heroes - great opportunities."
Film poster

The documentary was first presented to politicians, media representatives, stakeholders and the general public at the Metro Cinema, Vienna on the 28th of February 2010.

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Award: Silver Victoria for our TV documentary

International Wirtschaftsfilmtage, Victoria Award, 2010, for tv documentation
Victoria Award, 2010

At the international Wirtschaftsfilmtage from 14th-15th of April in 2010, our documentary was awarded a Silver Victoria in the category “Technology, research & development, environment”.

Photo copyright: Mediazone
(from left to right) KR Alexander V. Kammel (Austrian film service), Gustav Trampitsch (script writer and director of tv documentary), Siegfried Hochgreve (Pammer film, producer), Sandra Brezina (CCRI, DIRECT project manager), Wolfgang Winkler (Pammer film, managing director)