Award for "The best books of Austria" 22.03.2012

The CCRI and its creative partners are pleased to announce that we won the Austrian national award ("Staatspreis) for the brilliant book production of our science report 2009-2010.

Every year, the Austrian Federation of Book Trade (HVB) in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture (BMUKK) nominate the national winners regarding outstanding book productions regarding concept, printing and design.

Together with our creative team, including Lichtwitz Leinfellner visuelle Kultur KG for art direction and design and Gerhard Wasserbauer for generating our photo materials, we were not only nominated among the winners for the certificates "The best books of Austria" (15 winners out of 233 top-quality book productions), but were also nominated for the Austrian national award.



Books nominated for the award "Best books of Austria 2011"

Copyright Gerhard Wasserbauer/ Stefanie Lichtwitz, Lichtwitz Leinfellner visuelle Kultur KG; Prof. Kovar, CCRI's Scientific Dir., Dr. Schmied, Fed.Minist.of Education and Culture, Dr. Valdés, CCRI's former Admin.Dir., S. Brezina, CCRI-science communicat.

The entire creative team: Lichtwitz Leinfellner visuelle Kultur KG, photographer Gerhard Wasserbauer, printing company Ueberreuter, CCRI

Copyright HBF/Minich: Helmut Driemer, Ueberreuter, Prof. Kovar, CCRI, Stefanie Lichtwitz, Lichtwitz Leinfellner visuelle Kultur KG

Copyright: Gerhard Wasserbauer; Photos of the nominated science report