Research Scientist – Clinical Tumor Genomics/Diagnostics

CCRI, Children’s Cancer Research Institute, Peter F. Ambros´s Lab

We are looking for a passionate and dedicated post-doctoral research fellow interested in developing into a pediatric tumor geneticist with the main emphasis on molecular genomics to join the Tumor Biology Group of the CCRI in Vienna, Austria.

Position Summary and Key Responsibilities:

The successful applicant will be involved in the diagnostic work-up of genomic analyses being part of the translational programs run by this group, linking genomic information with clinical data to establish more precise prognostic/predictive factors for different pediatric solid tumors but with a strong focus on neuroblastomas.
So far, the group could help to define genomic markers to discriminate benignly behaving from aggressively growing tumors. These genomic factors (after international QC) are currently used in clinical practice. The group´s next tasks will focus on predictive markers and targetable mutations applying cutting-edge methods (e.g. WGS, WGBS, RNA-seq) with the goal to facilitate personalized treatment regimens also for aggressively behaving tumors. The tumor biology group has strong collaborations with a number molecular tumor diagnostic laboratories and pediatric oncology centers in Austria, Europe and overseas. There are especially close links with research institutions in Germany (e.g. DKFZ, Charité), France (Institut Curie), and the UK (ICR London).   
Our new colleague will be expected to take responsibility in the diagnostic work-up of genomic analyses (I-FISH, SNP array, WGS) from tumor and liquid biopsy samples and to build a bridge between basic/translational research and clinical application. Participation in international activities (e.g. SIOPEN Biology Group, consisting of 52 members from 22 countries) is absolutely essential.
The applicant´s tasks will be: Genomic data analysis and interpretation of clinically relevant aberrations (HD SNP array, lcWGS, WGS and I-FISH etc.) and medical report generation. Active involvement in international clinical/biological studies in order to identify the prognostic/predictive power of genomic subgroups, e.g. role of ATRX or TERT aberrations in high risk neuroblastoma patients; identifying genomic prognostic factors in Wilms’ tumors and other pediatric solid tumors; getting involved in our current VISIOMICS project by implementing artificial intelligence algorithms to interpret genomic aberrations; the successful candidate should be a team player with excellent communication skills as she/he is expected to cooperate closely with clinicians and researchers in Austria and worldwide.
Your profile and required skills:

• Ph.D. in molecular biology or equivalent
• Hands-on experience in traditional microarray, I-FISH and cutting-edge next generation sequencing techniques (WGS, RNA-seq) in a clinical/diagnostic setting
• Experience in human tumor genomic data processing and interpretation (advanced bioinformatics skills)
• Experience in fluorescence microscopy and/or multicolor flow cytometry
• Language skills: German C1 and English C1 or higher

Description of the CCRI
The CCRI is an academic research institution linked with the leading Austrian pediatric oncology clinic, the St. Anna Children´s Hospital (affiliated with the Medical University Vienna). Basic, translational, and clinical research have a long tradition with a leading involvement of the hospital and the CCRI in international cooperative treatment protocols and clinical trials since the 1980’s. Our ultimate aim is to improve treatment outcome of malignant diseases in children and adolescents. Our expertise lies especially in leukemia, neuroblastoma and sarcoma research, tumor and transplantation immunology, as well as national and international clinical trial management. We also serve as a reference diagnostic center for Austrian and international patients with hematologic and neoplastic diseases for many disease entities, and are coordinating the European Reference Network for Pediatric Oncology, funded by the European Union.

The CCRI is well equipped with state-of-the-art cell and molecular biology equipment, flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, zebrafish and bioinformatics core facilities, a GMP facility, and has access to next generation sequencing. We also have a large clinical study center that leads several international clinical trials as well as the majority of national pediatric clinical trials and investigator driven treatment protocols. We host around 150 employees, including researchers, scientific staff, technicians and support facilities. The Institute is funded by a broad base of private donations as well as by national and international research grants. Its major strength lies in the close interaction with the clinics, supported by its close proximity to the hospital and day to day interactions with the team of clinicians, resulting in a constant exposure to clinical questions, patient diagnostic needs, clinical trial performance, and clinical investigational material.
Besides its affiliation with the St. Anna Children´s Hospital and the Medical University of Vienna, the Institute also has close collaborations with several Vienna-based outstanding research institutes, like the Center for Molecular Medicine (CeMM), the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and the Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), among others.
Please submit your application electronically, including a motivation letter, curriculum vitae and three lists of references to Assoc. Prof. Peter F. Ambros, PhD, e-mail: hr(at)
The closing date for applications is April 18th 2018.
The minimum salary for this position is € 3,700,-- gross (paid 14 times per year). Depending on your professional experience a higher salary is possible.