Call for Proposals for a Principle Investigator in the field of

Tumor Immunology / Immunotherapy / Tumor Microenvironment in pediatric cancer

at the Children´s Cancer Research Institute (CCRI), Vienna, Austria

The CCRI seeks to recruit a young talented investigator to develop a program in the field of tumor immunology / tumor microenvironment.

Candidates must have an MD and/or PhD in life sciences or similar disciplines and 2 to 8 years of post doctoral experience. The application of physician scientists seeking to combine research and clinical care is strongly encouraged. Evidence of successful research activity including an excellent publication record in high impact journals is expected.

The unique close relationship between the CCRI and St. Anna Children´s Hospital offers the possibility of exciting translational research opportunities and supports clinical implementation of novel therapeutic concepts. A joint position between CCRI and the St. Anna Children´s Hospital is a possibility to facilitate this option for a motivated pediatric investigator.

Application process: Interested candidates should provide: (i) A 3-page proposal defining their specific research interest, their expertise in the field of tumor immunology, and their innovative concept and research plan upon which to establish a new research group at CCRI, (ii) full curriculum vitae including publications list, (iii) personal contact information, and (iv) contact information for three references.

We offer an initial 5 year contract with the possibility of extension and tenure upon positive evaluation, and a competitive salary and starting package.

The deadline for applications, submitted to Prof. Heinrich Kovar, email: personal(at), is March 27, 2017. Documented scientific excellence and a competitive innovative research program will be the prime criteria for selection of the successful candidate.

About the CCRI: The CCRI is a multidisciplinary academic research institution closely affiliated with the biggest Austrian pediatric oncological center, St. Anna Children´s Hospital, and thus with the Medical University of Vienna. The St. Anna Children´s Hospital is Austria´s leading pediatric cancer center. The paramount aim of the CCRI is to improve treatment outcome of malignant diseases in children and adolescents by performing basic, translational and clinical research. The CCRI is particularly strong in leukemia, neuroblastoma, and sarcoma research, tumor and transplantation immunology. It is well equipped with state-of-the-art cell and molecular biology equipment, flow cytometry, confocal microscope, zebrafish and bioinformatics core facilities, GMP facility, clinical study center, and has access to small animal facility and next generation sequencing. In addition to Medical University and University of Vienna, opportunities for collaboration exisit with several Vienna-based research insitutes, including CeMM, IMP, IMBA, LBI-CR. The Institute is located in the heart of Vienna, a European metropolis full of history, music and fine arts.