The St. Anna Kinderkrebsforschung (CCRI) is an internationally renowned multidisciplinary research institution closely associated to the St. Anna Children's Hospital, a leading paediatric cancer centre in Austria. The paramount aim of the CCRI is to improve treatment outcome of malignant diseases in children and adolescents by performing basic, translational, and clinical research. Moreover, the CCRI entertains close collaborations with many other research and clinical institutions worldwide. Additional information regarding the CCRI can be found at
We are looking for a 
Clinical Platform Manager
who will take over the management of Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) and the Collaborative Platform,  as part of the prestigious European Reference Network for diagnostics and treatment of paediatric oncology (ERN PaedCan) to ensure adequate and efficient use of this ERN information technology (IT) core service platforms playing  a valuable role in facilitating collaboration.
ERN PaedCan has been formally established in early 2017 by the European Commission following the Cross-Border Health Care Directive aiming to help national health systems cooperate in the interest of patients. The goal is to reduce inequalities in childhood cancer survival by providing high-quality, accessible and cost-effective cross-border healthcare for children and adolescents with cancer, regardless of where they live. ERN PaedCan will increase childhood cancer survival and quality of life in the long term by fostering cooperation, research and training, with the ultimate goal of reducing current inequalities in childhood cancer survival and healthcare capabilities across EU Member States.
The network currently unites 57 institutions from 18 European countries. “Share -Care -Cure” is the driving common motivation across Europe and beyond. Multidisciplinary Care is highly valued and necessary in delivering high-quality cancer management. In past decades individual decisions were displaced by collective and multidisciplinary decisions by a paediatric cancer team at a single site. The clinical management of a patient following a discussion at a tumour board takes into consideration the expert opinion of various specialists. Having a digital system in place will allow widening the reach out of such accumulated expertise and to integrate further specialists in other hospitals and countries to increase the quality of the diagnosis and treatment. Knowledge sharing and education of the paediatric oncology team are further assets resulting from an enhanced connectivity and interactive paediatric oncology community. The whole paediatric community is therefore strongly committed to implement a sustainable solution of virtual tumour boards, which will allow the knowledge to travel rather than patients whenever possible. Expertise can be brought to centres with less experience and resources.
ERN PaedCan implements eHealth technologies and facilitates cross-border consultations via the Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) provided by the European Commission. In 2018 and beyond these activities will be upscaled throughout the Paediatric Oncology European community (; to further widen the scope and to integrate updates as relevant. The interaction with the international members of the ERN community and all relevant stakeholders will require occasional travelling.
What is the CPMS?
The CPMS is a tool to support ERN multidisciplinary healthcare teams on daily basis in the following use cases:
Treating individual healthcare provider requires support to diagnose and/or treat a patient,
Treating individual healthcare provider enrols patient in the CPMS and creates a new Panel,
Treating individual healthcare provider can attach CDA files from their local healthcare provider organization.
ERN individual healthcare provider invites other specialists to panel to make their contribution.
CPMS collects the following information securely:
structured patient general information, clinical data and a list of current medication 
upload of digital medical images with a provision to add comments by members of multidisciplinary teams;
anatomical pathology data, genetic and genomic information. pedigree/family history
Once consent has been provided, the CPMS encrypts and stores the data, pseudonymizes patient data,  and once a case is closed, offers a mechanism to allow potential data sharing, or future secondary use (i.e. guidelines, case library,research).
The CPMS is especially important for the paediatric oncology community, in which online advice through tumour boards and/or the storing of data for clinical research is necessary to improve the survival of children with cancer and reduce inequalities across Europe.

Range of activities
The project will bring you in contact with a large medical community, policy-makers and governmental institutions throughout Europe. As the manager you will manage the ERN PaedCan CPMS platform and the Collaborative platform tool to support the community’s virtual tumour boards activities and collaborative efforts. The majority of European Childhood Cancer Clinical Trial groups are very experienced in the advisory function. The CPMS platform now offers a unique opportunity to enter into virtual care activities.  You will deal with incoming requests; plan and schedule virtual meetings and give support to sites to run the system in close collaboration with the European Comission’s helpdesk.    
Apart from supporting the ERN coordinator in the CPMS activities, you will also have a fair overview of the ERN PaedCan activities and will eventually support them, i.e. in day-to-day management tasks of the network and network meetings and compiling of reports. You will be embedded in an experienced research project management team, but carrying main responsibility for ERN PaedCan CPMS. 
Your profile
• Ideally your background includes education as health care professional as you will be managing clinical advisory boards
• Ideally you have been previously exposed to cancer care requirements and have developed a basic understanding about the scope of treatments being proposed.
• Ideally you already have experience with the management of health care cases.
• You should enjoy working with modern media tools. 
• You are familiar with monitoring the implementation of projects and reporting based on performance metrics.
• You are savvy about MS Office programmes such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
• You are an excellent communicator, able to prepare and deliver presentations (PowerPoint or other) of high quality standards.
• You are able to run projects independently, carrying the responsibility timelines and you are an excellent team-player. We are seeking for an agreeable visionary personality with initiative, distinctive self-organizational talent and high social competence excited to work and interact with medical experts across Europe to deliver high level advice on difficult childhood cancer cases aiming to deliver facilitate optimised treatment recommendations and care situations.
• You should be able to start functions as soon as possible.
• Native or bilingual proficiency in German and Professional working proficiency in English is mandatory.

Please submit your application electronically, including cover letter, CV and list of references.
Contact: Caroline Schmid, Personnel Management
Email: personal(at)
The minimum salary for this position is € 3.000,-- gross (paid 14 times per year). Depending on your education and professional experience a higher salary is possible.
The position is offered for at least 2 years until July 2020, with a possible extension for an additional 3 years based on further success in securing EC funding.